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Small/Medium Enterprises and Home Business

Connecting a dedicated fibre optic link to one address is probably the best solution for uninterrupted, superfast, internet connection for your business. And perhaps a dedicated-link is something that you might consider in the future when the business is somewhat larger and the cost of a dedicated fibre link makes more sense. (See

For a growing business, small to medium enterprise or for a few people working from a home business – the Liquid Home Business packages are probably the best solution. This is a shared connection with the significant benefit of having a “Working Hours Pass”.

This “Working Hours Pass” means that between 08:00am and 18:00pm your traffic on our network gets priority. Think of it as a daytime ticket to an open lane on the Mombasa Road from the airport. A lane where only the holders of the “Working Hours Pass” can drive. A lane exclusively for our Liquid Home Business users when you need a clear internet-pipe between 8am and 6pm. You could get from the airport to the city centre in 5 minutes – no matter how busy the rest of the road!

It’s a great idea. And it works. Home users are moved to the slower lanes and your business stuff flies along.

If, however, you are a large Enterprise or a significant user (like an internet shop, or a business that streams data) then this is not the solution for you. This sort of user will block our Liquid Home Business fast lane, similar to putting a train onto the Mombasa Road and preventing anyone from getting past. That wouldn’t be fair to all our genuine Liquid Home Business users.

To ensure that the system is used correctly we have a wonderful new Traffic Management Tool. This monitors the levels of traffic being pushed down our super-highway, and eliminates any abusers.

So, if you are a genuine Liquid Home Business user you will always find a clean, clear lane ahead and the digital-super-highway will be your reality.

If, however, you are down-loading bittorrents and the like during business hours – our new Traffic Management Tool will spot this and “pull you over”. This means that the tool will move you to a slow lane. And the more you abuse the system, the slower your lane will become. Much slower.

It looks at individual users – not at our whole group. It moves the abusers out of the way and ensures that all our regular, genuine users will still get unfettered access to the digital-super-highway, down our Business Users’ fast-lane.

Liquid Home Business is the fastest available service for genuine small/medium enterprises. We plan to keep it that way.