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Terms and Conditions for Hai service packages

That you are knowingly and willingly signing up for Hai services powered by Raha Limited.

That you select the package that I have ticked overleaf at the indicated price billed monthly in advance and will ensure that the installation fees and service charges are paid in full prior to commencement of these services.

That you are aware and agree that national and international voice call charges will be billed based on Raha Limited's voice tariffs

Raha Limited will send their invoice through my email address by the 7th of each month. If I have not received the invoice by the 10th of every month, it is my responsibility to claim my invoice through Raha Limited's email address: or phone number 0800711717. All tax invoices, permitted under applicable law and regulations, shall be due upon delivery and shall be payable by the customer not later than 20th (due date) of each month or the first business day thereafter if the 20th is a weekend or holiday.

Should you default or fail to make the prescribed monthly payments by the due date, Raha Limited reserves the right to suspend services.

There shall be a standard transaction fee of 2.5% for all transactions made, authorizing a mobile money or credit card payment signifies your consent to the charge.

Raha Limited reserves the right to terminate the services with immediate effect in case the customer uses the services in a manner that adversely affects its network, services to other customers, engages in fraud or any illegal conduct.

All equipment installed at the Customer's premises shall remain the property of Raha Limited. Customer shall ensure that the equipment belonging to Raha Limited is always secure.

Wi-Fi Disclaimer

Wi-Fi coverage is unique to every House/Building. Raha Limited will use its best efforts to provide useful and reliable internet service. As a customer you acknowledge that Wi-Fi utilizes public, unlicensed radio – frequency spectrum. As such, Wi-Fi is subject to external interferences, environmental influences and other factors and variables beyond our reasonable control. Performance and coverage may be affected by.

Wi-Fi may also be interrupted, refused limited or curtailed for these reasons. We are not responsible for data lost or misdirected due to these and other foreseeable and unforeseeable factors.

Network speed is an estimate and is no guarantee of the speed at which your Wi- Fi device will operate.

In certain circumstances repeaters are required to extend Wi-Fi coverage. Extension of Wi-Fi coverage outside the default coverage of the CPE provided by Raha Limited is at customer cost.

The offered services are optimized for residential use and provide the best performance outside business hours. The specified speeds are maximum speeds and subject to Raha Limited fair usage policy.

These terms and conditions shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the United Republic of Tanzania and the language governing the terms and condition is English. Any legal action or other legal proceedings, enforcement of any provision relating to these terms and conditions shall be referred to courts of competent jurisdiction in Tanzania.

If any provision of these terms and conditions is held to be invalid or unenforceable pursuant to judicial decision, the remainder of this agreement shall remain valid and enforceable according to its terms.